Green Day showcases eco products

Peugeot iOn - a practical electric car with a trendy misplaced capital letter

LAMBLEY’S FIRST ‘Green Day’, held on Saturday 25 June 2011, attracted a range of exhibitors showcasing environmental products and technologies from biodiesel to ground-source heat pumps.

Organised by the Lambley Parish Plan Group and local MP Mark Spencer, the event was held at Floralands Garden Centre in Lambley, owned by Spencer. One of the highlights was a fully electric car made by Peugeot, the iOn. This zero-emission four-seater has a claimed top speed of 80mph, and a range of over 90 miles on one charge. 

Also exhibiting was local green fuel producer Phoenix Fuels. The company, based at Rufford, produces biodiesel and displayed one of its lorry units on the day. It had on sale briquettes made from compressed oilseed rape waste, which it says are ideal for chimneas, open fires, or log burners. 

Green Day visitors also saw both photovoltaic (PV) and thermal solar panels, as well as air and ground source heat pumps, wind turbines and super-efficient boilers.

Gedling Borough Council had a presence to give advice on recycling and how best to dispose of waste.

Margaret Meadows, a member of the organising committee, said: “The day has been a great success, and I think those people who came had been able to learn a lot”. Mark Spencer added: “it has certainly has given me food for thought about how I might be able to lower my own energy bills at home”.

Solar panels, turbines, and fuel made from farm waste were among the displays

2 comments for “Green Day showcases eco products

  1. Wednesday 29 June 2011 at 4:13 pm

    “This zero-emission four-seater has a claimed top speed of 80mph…”

    Utter tosh! It may be zero-emission at the point of use (on the road) but it is most certainly NOT zero-emission when it is charging up.
    Just think, all that electricity for each charge, and by far the largest source for that is combined-cycle gas-fired power stations.
    Journalists have a responsibility to *investigate* their stories, not just cut-and-paste unquestioningly from press-releases.

    “Green Day visitors also saw… wind turbines…”

    So, our suspicions are confirmed. How soon before we are being heartily entertained by Mr Spencer’s planning application for his very own wind folly?

  2. John Macdonald
    Wednesday 29 June 2011 at 8:15 pm

    I’m really glad Mark and Lambley folk did this… It would be great if his time spent in parliament, and the experience of green issues there translated into more pro-action both for his house and more importantly his businesses. Well Done all folk involved!

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