Pearson victorious at sports day

Year captains celebrate their victory (pic: Mike Mitchell)

LAMBLEY PRIMARY’s annual school sports day resulted in a very close victory for Pearson, one of the school’s four houses. Held on the playing field this afternoon, Wednesday 15 June 2011, the sporting celebration was unaffected by the rain which threatened but never quite happened.

Awarding prizes at the end of the competitions, head teacher Chris Drewry paid tribute to the efforts made by the children to do their best. Events included long- and short-distance running, an inter-year relay, and the traditional egg-and-spoon races for each class. Parents and helpers were roped in for the three-legged race to complete the Lambley Games.

Final scores, verified by the judges, are as follows:

  1. Pearson House, 133 pts
  2. Trinity House, 132 pts
  3. Flamstead House, 106 pts
  4. Cromwell House, 87 pts.

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