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THE collapse in January of Premiere Travel, which operated many bus services in our area, has certainly led to some travel disruption and inconvenience for local people. Now Paul Hallett has asked to help gather together these experiences. He writes:

Collapse of Premiere earlier this year has caused travel problems for many in the area

Collapse of Premiere earlier this year has caused travel problems for many in the area

As a village planner, who tries to keep an eye on transport services to/from Oxton, I am keen to ask people who live along the A6097 corridor about their experiences with the replacement No 5 bus service since Premiere Travel went bust.

I have yet to start my mobile project of lurking at bus stops to speak to waiting passengers, but I am keen to understand what the locals think of the service. By this I mean punctuality, driving standards, customer care, etc.

We cannot do much about the route at the moment, but I gather Notts County Council has plans to examine the service as part of ‘The Gedling Area’ (Oxton is in Newark and Sherwood, but there you are).

We have noticed a slight change to the route, as the first Citybound bus of the day travels through Calverton, leaving brave souls stranded as there are no buses back to Oxton. It is clear that the NCT Pathfinder Service 100 is very good in all respects, but the interchange at Lowdham or Burton Joyce is a disincentive to switching for every journey. I doubt if joint-ticketing has been arranged.

Oh, and if you go to the NCT bus stop right outside the Main Post Office at the top of Queen Street, in Nottingham, the digital destination board gives the destination as Lowdham, which is not actually the terminus (Oxton is). This service is vital to some folks for all sorts of reasons.

Your responses are very welcome and are much appreciated, Paul Hallett.

Please use the ‘Leave a Reply’ field below to add your comments and observations, which can refer to any public transport service in Lambley, Lowdham, Woodborough, Oxton, or surrounding areas. This will help everybody to understand the current situation and will help inform the authorities of the real issues on the ground.

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  1. RS
    Wednesday 3 April 2013 at 11:49 am

    People aged 61 years old are now not eligible for a “Free” Notts. County Council Bus pass .

    When traveling from Woodborough or Lambley to Arnold the charge is now £5 per person & takes a considerable amount of time with the need to change buses in Mapperley . N.C.T. Services 46/47 .

    Please can NCT give consideration to operating a Direct Service to Arnold/City Hospital from the Woodborough/ Lambley catchment area ?

    Thank you ,

    Mr. Graham Richardson .

    [this comment submitted by Mr Richardson to a different article, replaced here by editor]

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