Coming soon is a new website for people living in and around Lambley, Lowdham, and Woodborough. The site will report on local events and issues and reflect what is going on in these vibrant communities. There will be local advertising including businesses and private ads, information on groups and clubs, listings of forthcoming events and activitities, and so on.

If you’re seeing this now, you’re seeing the site in its early development. Frankly, I’m slightly amazed that you found it – as it isn’t being promoted until we get some actual worthwhile content up. So well done you. Do drop us a line to let us know you’re here, and perhaps tell us what you’d like to see on these pages.

You can contact us by email to

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  1. Wednesday 16 June 2010 at 8:38 am

    Really like your title for what sounds a useful idea. I hope this will include areas such as Mapperley Plains and Woodthorpe.

    Coverage of a wide variety of events,large and small, including local events and regular local activities,is so important.

    I might be interested to advertise Mo-mentum For Writers Est1994 and Plains Artisans which are both small businesses of mine.

    Good Luck with this venture.
    Maureen Richardson
    16th June 2010

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