No parish elections in our area

THE THREE PARISHES which form the core area of coverage of – Lambley, Lowdham, and Woodborough – will each require no parish council elections to be held on 5 May 2011. This is because the number of candidates in each parish does not exceed the number of seats available, and so all nominated candidates are automatically returned.

Thursday 5 May also sees the national referendum on the voting system used to elect MPs to the House of Commons. More information on that can be found on the official (politically neutral) government ‘aboutmyvote’ website

Lambley Parish has nine seats and nine nominated candidates. Those candidates, in alphabetical order, are:

  • Roger John Broughall
  • Ann Gee
  • Julie Elizabeth Gregory
  • Margaret Joan Meadows
  • Lawrence Maurice Milbourn
  • Michael David Morris
  • Cyril Herbert Spencer
  • Roland Fracis Spencer
  • Chris Starr

Lowdham Parish has 11 parish councillor seats but only ten nominated candidates. They are:

  • Jacqueline Finn
  • Neil William Fletcher
  • Alison Glazebrook
  • Paul William Hamilton
  • David Colin Harper
  • Sharan Tina Harper
  • David Purnell
  • Keith William Sheppard
  • Roz Taylor
  • Timothy Wendels

Woodborough Parish also has 11 seats but only ten candidates, who are:

  • Paul Edward Berrisford
  • John Boot
  • Margaret Mary Briggs
  • John Nigel Charles-Jones
  • Paul Michael Hough
  • Geoff Parkinson
  • Dan Sharp
  • Janice Nancy Turton
  • Charles Philip Guy Wardle
  • Anthony Richard Whincup

 The lists of nominated candidates can be found on these links: 

 Lambley    Lowdham    Woodborough

1 comment for “No parish elections in our area

  1. Dan Sharp
    Friday 22 April 2011 at 2:42 pm

    Hello. Just thought I would briefly introduce myself as a new member of Woodborough Parish Council. I have kept a rather low profile since moving to the area some 18 months ago but been interested in local matters. My main interests are representing the Moor Lane area (where I reside)and in keeping local services viable. I have no experience regarding local government and know I will be on a steep learning curve, but am looking forward to the challenge and serving the local community the best way I can.

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