Labour takes Gedling, Tories lose Newark (updated)

THE FULL RESULTS of Thursday’s local elections are now in, with implications for the two borough councils in our area. Gedling Borough announced its results on Friday, but it took Newark and Sherwood until today (Sunday 8 May 2011) to make its declaration. Gedling includes Lambley and Woodborough, while Newark and Sherwood includes Lowdham.

Gedling has seen a remarkable swing from Conservative to Labour control, with the Tories losing 13 seats while Labour gained 23. The council was last Labour controlled from 1995-1999, while in 2003-2007 there was no overall control. The results for Gedling:

  • Conservative 15 seats     (-13)
  • Labour 32                        (+23)
  • Lib Dem 3                         (-5)
  • Others 0                           (-5)

Despite the overall swing to Labour, the wards of Lambley and Woodborough both returned a Conservative for their individual council seats. In Lambley, Roland Francis Spencer (Con) gained 599 votes to Patricia Osbaldiston’s (Lab) 222.  In Woodborough, John Boot (Con) had 658 votes to Anne Hawkins’s (Lab) 187.

In Newark and Sherwood, the Conservative party have lost overall control of the council. It won seats for 22 councillors, four fewer than in 2007 and just one seat short of an overall majority. The full make up of the council is:

  • Conservative 22 seats     (-4)
  • Labour 15                        (+8)
  • Lib Dem                         (-1)
  • Others                           (-3) 

The Lowdham ward returned two councillors, both Conservative, uncontested. They are Roger James Jackson and Keith William Sheppard.

The parish council elections which also took place on Thursday 5 May 2011 were uncontested in each of the three villages covered by, Lambley, Lowdham, and Woodborough. The national referendum on a change to the voting system used for parliamentary elections was overwhelmingly rejected.

Full details of the 2011 council elections in England can be found on the BBC website.

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