Lambley history in the year ahead

LAMBLEY Historical Society has published its programme of events for 2015.

The society meets on a monthly basis, with meetings held indoors in autumn, winter and spring at which guest speakers are invited to give talks on a range of historical subjects with a particular focus on Nottinghamshire. During the summer months, visits to places of local historical interest – some of which are not accessible to the general public – are organised.

New members are welcome (membership is £10 per year) and guests may attend talks and visits for £3. Meetings are held at the Women’s Institute, Main Street, Lowdham at 7.30pm. Further information from

Lambley Historical Society meetings 2015

Monday 26 January 2015: AGM & Social evening, with buffet, film, and quiz.

Monday 23 February 2015: Chris Weir – Kill or Cure! Bygone Medicine

Chris’s father was a doctor in Glasgow.  For this talk Chris brings along his father’s medical bag, full of the original kit. The history of medicine, while intriguing, inevitably touches on the basics of life and death.  It was sometimes a case of kill or cure.

Monday 23 March 2015: Tales from Southwell Workhouse (National Trust)

The Workhouse Storytellers are a group of National Trust volunteers with an enthusiasm for sharing the tales of the building’s former occupants. These stories are told in a variety of ways – prepare to be surprised, entertained and moved by the storytellers as they take us back to life in a Victorian workhouse.

Monday 27 April 2015: Dr Rebekah Wood – the Knitter’s Tale, a history of framework knitting

Working in collaboration with the Framework Knitters Museum and shawl manufacturer GH Hurt and Son, Dr Wood studied the origins of the knitwear industry in Nottingham exploring traditional knitting techniques, skills and stories. The talk will present the findings which included recording the experiences of the last few remaining framework knitters. This has helped to show how creative skills are passed from master to apprentice and how the skills of the past can be preserved for the future. 

Saturday 9 May 2015: Guided tour of the Malt Cross Music Hall

A guided tour of the Malt Cross music hall and the old sandstone caves below. This tour will give a behind-the scenes look at the vibrant heritage of the site and the people who helped make it one of Nottingham’s most notorious music halls.

Tuesday 23 June: Guided tour of GH Hurt and Son factory at Chilwell

Hear about the history of lace-knitting, see how shawls and scarves are made and also view some rare hand frames and other artefacts from 101 years as GH Hurt & Son Ltd.

Monday 20 July: Guided walk around Bingham with Val Henstock

As the ancient capital of the wapentake and the major market town in the Vale of Belvoir, Bingham repays closer attention. We shall chart its development from an agricultural community to its present dormitory suburb status, looking at the stories in stone and brick left by its successive inhabitants. The walk will be at an easy pace along pavements and will last about 1½ hours.

Monday 28 September 2015: Ian Morgan – Footpads, Kings and Highwaymen

The A1, renowned as the route from London to Edinburgh, has changed its path and even its name many times over the years – yet as the travellers pass on their way do they know just how fortunate they are? The journey covers just 34 miles as we take the route of the old Great North Road through Nottinghamshire, and in that short distance we shall see the scenes of horrific battles, the haunts of highwaymen, the sites of murder and much, much more. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of horror and humour as the stories of this ancient highway unfold.

Monday 26 October 2015: Bob Massey – Nottingham by the sea

Nottingham on sea: the history of Skegness tells the story of the growth of Skegness from a small fishing village to the largest town in the area, the coming of the railway, and its fascination with the people of Nottingham.

Monday 23 November 2015: David Darby – Kindly leave the stage

The talk looks at the development of music hall to variety through the lives of the stars, their biographies and a feel for their ‘turns’.

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