Village emblems depicted on sign

Lambley Church, some lambs, and the emblematic cowslip form the design for Lambley's village sign

STRANGERS ARRIVING  in Lambley should no longer be uncertain of their whereabouts thanks to a new village identification sign erected yesterday (Thursday 17 March 2011).

The new sign has been under discussion by Lambley Parish Council for some time. This and some village entry signs, which are yet to be installed, are funded by Nottinghamshire County Council. Created by the company Signs of the Times, the design incorporates an image of Lambley Holy Trinity Church, a field of lambs, and the cowslip flower which is very much associated with the village.

The sign is located near the junction of Main Street Lambley and Catfoot Lane, opposite the entrance to Lambley Primary School, and in front of the Lambley restaurant – the owners of which might be very pleased.

Lambley sign is located outside The Lambley restaurant

1 comment for “Village emblems depicted on sign

  1. ford
    Saturday 9 April 2011 at 9:48 pm

    I thought this a very pretty sign, but I feel it is in the wrong place. I drove past it and thought it had been placed there by the owners of the “Lambley” to advertise their restaurant. A better place could be higher up on Spring Lane, near the cemetery on Park Lane or at the top of Green Lane to name a few alternatives.

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